18 Feb 2017


After all of us voting for the best logo, THIS IS THE WINNER!!!!
Congratulations Cristian Taurino and Nicolas de Leo from Lecce. Your logo is a great job!!!!
This logo will represent our project PEOPLE IN NEED for the 3 years of the project.

9 Jan 2017


After your voting, we have asked some of the Art teachers to choose the best logo for our project among the first five chosen logos.
And the Oscar goes to .........

CONGRATULATIONS Aída Morales de 4º B!!!!!

20 Nov 2016


You will create a logo that identifies our project and vote for your favourite logo explaining why you have chosen it.

   1) CREATE a logo that identifies our project. Include these 2 ideas:
                        * PEOPLE IN NEED
                        * the 3 countries (Germany, Italy & Spain)
           You can use this website to make your logo: https://logomakr.com/ 

   2) UPLOAD your logo to this Tricider board adding a description explaining the meaning of it  (Follow the instructions!!!)

   3) VOTE for your best logo on  the Tricider board explaining why you like it.

14 Nov 2016



  - Each pair of students create an activity related to REFUGEES.
               * It can be
                        a LISTENING TASK 
                        a READING TASK
                       an SPEAKING TASK
  - Each activity has to be original or adapted (not copied)
  - You can be inspired by the links in our PINTEREST board
  - DEADLINE: December 23rd
  - Each activity has to be under one of the following five categories. Here you have some questions which might be answered when creating a suitable activity:
                     * PERSONAL STORIES:
Where was the person born?
Where did the person live?
Has the person got a family?
Has the person got any studies?
What was the person doing when he decided to start his/her journey?
                     * GEOGRAPHY:
Where does the person come from?
Where did the person start his/her journey?

What is the nationality of the person?
Which country is the person going to?
How long will it take the person to be accepted in his/her “new” country?
What is the process the person should follow?
                     * JOURNEY:
Why did the person start his/her journey?

How long was his/her journey?
                     * HOME CULTURE:
What is the person’s mothertongue?
What other languages does the person speak?

Can you name or tell one tradition of that person’s culture?


      - Students will work in groups according to one of the categories.
      - each group will pick the best activities
      - each group will be responsible for one section of the  magazine